Townsville Maritime Museum Limited, a not-for profit company that operates the Maritime Museum of Townsville and its exhibitions and collections, relies on the engagement of its Board of Directors and its volunteers. We cannot operate without the support of the local community in general and the various local marine industries in particular.

Our mission is to conserve Townsville and North Queensland's maritime heritage and to present and interpret our collections of historical artefacts and information for the enjoyment of and appreciation by all supporters, sponsors and visitors. 

We invite you to become involved with the Museum in a number of ways, such as:

  • As a volunteer
  • Through general financial donations and in-kind support
  • By donating artefacts to our collection
  • By making a bequest
  • Through corporate sponsorships for specific projects

The Museum company is a registered charity and tax deductible recipient.

The Board of Directors appreciates all for their generous support of the mission of the Museum.

General financial donations and in-kind support

The Museum operates as a not-for-profit company that relies heavily on support from the community and its volunteer base.  If you are willing to assist the Museum and its volunteers, donations, both financial and in kind (e.g. consumables, services, equipment, etc.), are most welcome and will assist the Museum and its volunteers continuing its good work as custodians of North Queensland’s maritime history.

Most of the Museum's expenditure is related to its operations, e.g. wages, insurance, rates, electricity, marketing etc. It is difficult to obtain financial donations to cover this type of expenditure, so any assistance will be highly appreciated.

General financial donations can be made by contacting the museum directly for an invoice for a nominated amount. Alternatively, there is a donation box located at the museum in the reception foyer. 

In-kind support is an alternative to a financial donation and will be equally appreciated. This would include working bees to clean up the garden, providing heavy-lift and transport equipment for moving large objects, providing access equipment to reach high ceilings and roofs, donating display cases, printing display panels, providing electrical and plumbing services - there is a range of possibilities. Please contact the Museum if you are interested. Please refer to the "Wish List".

Artefact donations

The Museum accepts all donations of historic artefacts (objects, books, photographs, maps, etc.), provided they are aligned with the Museum’s themes. Donors will be requested to fill out an accession form (downloadable). The donated artefact will receive an accession number and will be added to the collection on a permanent basis. Only in exceptional circumstances will the Museum remove an artefact from its collection.

Download accession form


We would graciously receive a bequest to the Museum as part or all of your estate, including artefacts. Also, financial bequests are most welcome. These can be allocated to specific projects at the request of the donor and with the agreement of the Board.

Please contact the Museum's Managing Curator to discuss your wishes with regard to a bequest via (07) 4721 5251 or


The support of sponsors in the continuing development of the Museum plays a vital role.

Projects that would not be possible without a sponsorship include the development of new exhibitions, the acquisition of electronic equipment such as televisions and computers, the upgrade of storage facilities, the restoring and making accessible of significant museum objects and the development of interactive displays such as simulation games and touch-screen displays.

In terms of our sponsorship policy, the name and logo of the sponsoring organisation will be displayed on our website with a live link to the organisation's website; also the name and logo will be displayed outside the Museum's main entrance, visible from the street. In addition, names and logos may be displayed on exhibition components and on marketing materials.

Please refer to the "wish list" for any sponsorship opportunities.

Wish List

  • Relocation of 5-inch naval gun to new and more prominent position
  • Installation of energy-saving photo-voltaic panels on roofs
  • Movable display partitions
  • Recording the memories of ex-Fremantle class patrol boat crew (for HMAS Townsville guided tours)
  • Display of 14-ton anchor on mount outside the Museum
  • Erection of shade screen above entire boardwalk
  • Replacement of metal fence around car park and museum premises
  • Replacement of carpet in Yongala display room with laminate flooring
  • Redesign of Memorial Garden