Group visits

Group visits

Before visiting the Museum

General information with regard to visiting the Museum and what there is too see and do you can find elsewhere on our website.

Make a booking

We encourage you to contact the Museum via telephone or email before making a booking to ensure that the proposed excursion date does not clash with visits by other groups or activities planned at the Museum.

Download Group Booking Form

We will confirm the final date after the form has been received.

Plan your visit

Before embarking on your excursion, please:

  • Download and print the Museum’s WHS Conformity Statement that identifies hazards and risks when visiting.
  • Organise your group.

Download WHS Conformity Statement

Upon arriving

The person at Reception will meet your group and note the number of group members (for invoicing purposes).

Once you have arrived (guided tours)

  • A staff member will welcome the group and do housekeeping and safety briefing, which includes emergency evacuation procedures.
  • You will be taken to the Museum’s various display areas, where you will be given a brief overview.
  • Depending upon time available, group members are welcome to revisit and explore the display areas in their own time until departure.
  • Groups are welcome to take photos and videos for personal, non-commercial use only and share them with us on social media.

Upon departing

Please ensure that members of the group take along their bags and other personal belongings.