Donations and Sponsorships

Donations and Sponsorships

Financial donations

The Museum is a non-for-profit entity that relies heavily on support from the community and its volunteer base.  If you are willing to assist the Museum and its volunteers, donations, both financial and in kind (e.g. consumables, services, equipment, etc.), are most welcome and will assist the Museum and its volunteers continuing its good work as custodians of North Queensland’s maritime history.

Financial donations can be made by either contacting the museum directly for an invoice for a nominated amount. Alternatively, there is a donation box located at the museum in the reception foyer. All financial donations are tax deductible.

In-kind support can be provided by either contacting the museum directly to arrange physical delivery of any items to be donated or by visiting the museum in person.

Artefact donations

The Museum accepts all donations of historic artefacts (objects, books, photographs, maps, etc.), provided they are aligned with the Museum’s theme. Donors will be requested to fill out an accession form (downloadable). The donated artefact will receive an acquisition number and will be added to the collection on a permanent basis. Only in exceptional circumstances will the Museum remove an artefact from its collection.

Download Accession Form

Corporate sponsorships